The studio

The concept: a unique studio

Inspired by legendary producers who had their own studios custom built to their specifications, (Bruce Swedien, Geoff Emerick, George Martin, Phil Spector, George Massenburg, Steve Albini…), the Kadence Studio has followed their steps by offering a unique blend of digital technology alongside custom built vintage equipment.

World-class engineer and acoustician Michel Deluc was commissioned in 1983 by producer and studio owner Jean Marnay to design every single aspect of the studio, from the mixing desk to the acoustic treatment.
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Head of R&D for Amadeus, Michel Deluc was also a major contributor in the development of the multiphonic Wave Field Synthesis project for Ircam. Amadeus monitors of his conception are found in some of the top studios worldwide (including Sting’s, Youssou N’dour’s studios and many others).


By working closely together for more than 30 years, producer Jean Marnay and engineer Michel Deluc have achieved with Studio Kadence the creation of a unique tool for recording, mixing and mastering.

We also offer an extensive range of vintage microphones (Neumann U47, U47 FET, U67, U77, U87….) and outboard equipment (EMT 140 Tube Plate Reverb, UREI 1176, V72 preamp…).
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Many French and international celebrated artists have worked at the Kadence Studio in the last 30 years, and it continues to attract a new generation of remarkable talent.